Formed: 2006
Home: Austin, Texas
Members: Mary Panjoma-vox, Patrik Nilsson-bass, Ritchard Napierkowski-synth/ drum machines (The Nimbus)
Contributing Studio members: John Ousley (Construction Paper Records), Richard Evans (Guild), Christian Alvarez (past tours include Saul Williams and John Spencer Blues Explosion), and Melissa Riotgurl (The Future Process).

We use an array of drum machines, samplers, keyboards, software programs, and synthesizers to create our electronic sounds. We often couple our electronic music with conventional instruments, often used in unconventional ways, such as filtered piano, or using a violin e-bow on a bass guitar.

Film, Art, Soundtracks, and Licensing
-Panjoma scored the soundtrack for the independent horror film “Psympatico“. The film’s distribution and official premiere TBA. (“Psympatico” teaser featuring the title track of the score:
Official Psympatico Teaser).

-Artist Paul Beck created the Panjoma video for the single “Death Mantra”, which is being released as a teaser for Panjoma’s upcoming album. Paul has also completed the new Panjoma video for the single “Transmit Invocation”. Paul has worked with David Burn, The Calm Blue Sea, and many other artists. He is a two time Latin Grammy Award recipient. Paul also headed the animation for the feature films Waking Life and A Scanner Darkly. Watch the animated videos on You Tube or  Facebook.

-Panjoma has also been featured in the soundtracks for several films including American Drug War (as seen on Showtime), How Weed Won The West, and Sweatshop.

-Panjoma has been licensed by Red Bull for the TV show “10 minutes to the Sky” (track: One Chance) and by Otherland for their beta video game trailer (track: Reel), among licenses for other public and private uses of our work. Otherland trailer (Reel begins at 01:33).

Happy Panjoma – Out of Print
Happy Panjoma II – Out of Print
Trixster God – Out of Print
Trixtser God Limited Edition Print – Out of Print
7 inch vinyl single with B side
Psympatico: Motion Picture Soundtrack